Click each feature below to see GolfSnap in action.

More Fun, Less Hassle

Start a round in seconds

Just press Play and GolfSnap will guide you through a few simple screens to set up your round.

Play your favorite golf courses

Nearby clubs are shown automatically based on your location.

Connect with friends

Add your friends to a round so they can follow the action.

Level the playing field

Compete fairly with players of all skill levels. Enter handicap indexes, customize tees and let GolfSnap calculate the strokes allocated to every player.

Enjoy your favorite golf games

GolfSnap includes dozens of game variations. Play games with your foursome, add side bets or set up a competition with multiple groups.

Live Scoring & Leaderboard

Enter scores quickly

Use the keypad to quickly move between players and enter scores.

Update games with ease

Convenient in-game controls make it easy to modify bets, press your opponent or record accomplishments.

Watch the leaderboard

Follow the action in real time by switching to the shared leaderboard. See the results of every game being played and how much you're winning or losing.

View the scorecard

Drill into the hole-by-hole results by viewing the scorecard.

Share your round

Let your buddies watch your round so they can cheer you on.

More Features You'll Love

View your scoring trends

GolfSnap tracks every round you play and displays a graph of how your game is trending over time.

Monitor your statistics

Are you improving? Easily track your stats including scoring averages, fairways hit/missed, greens in regulation, putting, sand saves and scrambling.

Track your total winnings

Have you ever wondered how much money you've won or lost gambling on the course? Just select Performance from the main menu to see a graphical view of your winnings.

Hold blind draw competitions

GolfSnap makes it easy to mix and match players from any group into custom pairings. Form your own teams manually or let the app automatically assign random pairings for you.

View your entire round history

All of your rounds are stored securely in the cloud, giving you quick access to every round you've played.