Bank is a high-stakes individual game. On every hole, one person in the group is the "Bank" or "Banker" and they are competing individually against every other player for a better score. The banker for the first hole can either be chosen randomly (e.g., by tossing balls or flipping a tee) or by the teeing order. On subsequent holes the banker can be set manually by pressing the BANK button or it will change automatically based on the game options.

As play proceeds, each of the non-banker players declare how much they want to bet on the hole and then tees off. A default bet amount is specified when the game is created, but it can be changed by pressing the bet button below each player's name (e.g., $5). If a player likes their tee shot, they can press the bet to double or triple the wager for the current hole as long as they do it before the banker tees off (more on this later). The banker is always the last player to tee off and they also have the option of pressing, but they must do it before they leave the tee box.

Toggle the PRESS button to indicate that a player or the banker has pressed. On par 4's and par 5's, pressing will double the bet. On par 3's, players must call their press while the ball is in the air (i.e., "air-press") and this will triple the bet.

Another twist with this game is when someone has a birdie or better on a hole. This causes the current bet (presses and all) to double again. You don't want to be on the losing side of this one.

Finally, it is tradition to give the player that is losing the most money a chance to win it back on the final three holes. This person can take the bank and they will typically raise the maximum bet amount in an attempt to make up ground. Be careful, this can lead to a miraculous comeback or a trip to the ATM.