Closeout is a game where individuals or partners play against each other in Match Play format. One or more bets are at stake. The first bet (aka, "Original Bet") is a match that covers all holes being played. If this match is won (i.e., "closed out") and there are still holes to be played, then a second bet is started automatically covering the remaining holes (aka, "Closeout Bet"). The second bet is always half the original amount, allowing the losing side to potentially recover some of their losses or go home an even bigger loser.



  • Original Bet: The amount to wager on the original match.
  • Closeout Bet: Always half the Original Bet or preceding Closeout Bet.


  • One Closeout Bet: Add one closeout bet after the original match has been won.
  • Multiple Closeout Bets: Add a closeout bet to the original match and every closeout match that has been won.