Dots (Junk)

Dots is a game which awards or penalizes players with points based on certain accomplishments or failures on every hole. The points for each dot can be customized during game setup, as well as the bet amount for each point.

Each player will have toggle buttons below their names, corresponding to the dots at stake. These buttons typically contain one or two letters or a symbol which represents the dot. For example, the "Closest to the Pin" dot is represented by the C button. Simply press this button to award the dot to a player.

Some dots are based on a player's score and they will appear automatically if accomplished. For example, if you are awarding points for the "Lowest Score" on a hole then you will see the LS dot appear for the player with the lowest score.

Here is a full list of dots available in this game:

  • Albatross: Make a 2 on a par 5.
  • Arnie: Par a par 4 or 5 without hitting the fairway or green in regulation.
  • Barkie: Hit a tree and still make a par.
  • Birdie: Make a birdie.
  • Bogey: Make a bogey.
  • Closest to the Pin: Closest to the pin in regulation.
  • Desert Ferret: Chip in from a bunker.
  • Double Bogey: Make a double bogey.
  • Eagle: Make an eagle.
  • Fairway: Hit a fairway in regulation.
  • Ferret: Chip in from off the green.
  • Flaggie: Sink a putt longer than the flagstick.
  • Greenie: Hit a green in regulation.
  • Hogan: Par a par 4 or 5 while hitting the fairway and green in regulation.
  • Hole in One: Make a hole in one.
  • Jones: Birdie a par 4 or 5 while hitting the fairway and green in regulation..
  • Longest Putt: Make the longest putt.
  • Lowest Score: Have the lowest score on a hole.
  • Mole: Mishit a ball in a bunker such that it stays in the bunker.
  • Out of Bounds: Hit a ball out of bounds.
  • Platypus: Save par after going out of bounds.
  • Sandie: Save par from a greenside bunker.
  • Sharkie: Save par after hitting into the water.
  • Snake: Three putt or worse.
  • Super Sandie: Save par from a fairway bunker.
  • Tiger: Hit the longest drive on a par 4 or 5.
  • Water: Hit a ball in the water.