Skins is a game that rewards a player, partners or team for having the solo low score on any given hole relative to their opponents. There are several settings that can be adjusted during game setup.



  • Per Skin: Select this option to allocate a fixed amount for every skin earned. The losers will pay the winners based on the number of skins achieved during the game.
  • Skin Pot: Select this option to fund a skin pot with entry fees. Each participant contributes the same amount to the game and the pot is distributed proportionally according to the number of skins won.


  • Carryovers: Select this option to "carry skins over". If a unique low score is not obtained on any given hole, the skin is carried forward and added to the next skin that is won.
  • Score to Win: This option specifies what score qualifies as a skin (Birdie or Better, Par or Better, or Any Score).